How to delete facebook account step by step guide

 Friends, we all know that facebook is a very big social network. Which has user in millions. Everyone uses facebook. You can create more than one facebook account. Sometimes there is a need to delete Facebook account. So today we are going to tell in this post how to delete facebook account

How to delete facebook account
How to delete facebook account

How to delete facebook account

Facebook delete can be done very easily. I am going to tell you through this post in the whole process of deletting Facebook account. You can completely delete your facebook account by following these steps.

First of all, login to the facebook account you want to delet. You can login facebook in your browser, or facebook app.

Facebook login

I am going to tell you the screenshots of facebook lite in the process. You can also adopt the same process in the browser.

  • After Facebook login, click on the menu button. Which is on the top right side in the three lines.
  • You see a lot of options there. Scroll down and click on setting.
  • After click on setting, Scroll down, and in the option of “your account information“, the option of “account ownership and control” will appear. Click on it.
How to delete facebook account
How to delete facebook account
  • There you will see the option of “deactivation and deletion“, click on it.
  • There, two options will appear as deactive account and delete account.
  • If you want to delete temporary account, then click on “deactive account“. But if you want to delete the account completely then click on delete account.
  • On the Delete account, you will see an option to download your deta. If data is important, download it.
  • Then enter your password and click on continew.

After doing these some process, your account will be delete. The facebook account is not deleted immediately. It takes may be 1 month of time to delete the permanamtly account. If you have to restore the account, you can do it in 1 month.

Friends, I have given complete information about how to delete facebook account. If you have a useless facebook account, then you can delete from this process.

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