IRCTC next Generation LogIn And other Infomation of IRCTC

IRCTC Next Generation LogIn Info

Hey, guys, you want to log in IRCTC next-generation log in then u come in the very best website. Today we talk to about thissystem

IRCTC next generation
IRCTC next generation

First of all, we know what is IRCTC? In India, more and more travel is done through trainIt is very necessary to have a railway ticket to travel throw the railways but to take the railway ticket, it has to stand in the long line.

In such a way it is difficult to travel. And the passenger gets upset. Keeping all this in mind, the government has started online service called IRCTC.

IRCTC full form

Indian Railway catering and tourism corporation

Through the IRCTC website, you can easily make the online ticket. We have to do some process by making an online ticket.

But now IRCTC’s website has been updated. Now he is known as IRCTC next generation.

To withdraw tickets from IRCTC next generation, we have to log in to IRCTC’s next generation website.

IRCTC next generation Login

Friends, It is very easy to irctc next generation login. I explain the complete information step by step of how to login irctc next generation. Which you will be able to login easlily by following these steps.

LogIn now

Open the given link in your mobile or computer browser first. Friends, if you are opening this website in mobile, then turn desctop mode. So that it will be easier to ragister in irctc.

  • As soon as you open the official website of IRCTC next gen, You will show page of irctc websites
  • If you are a new user then first you have to ragister. Only then you can login.
  • To Ragister, click on the menu of the website which is given in the right side with 3 buttons.
  • There are many features provided in the menu, click on the login button given at the top of them.
  • The popup window will open as soon as you click on the login. The option to fill in login detail will appear there. The scroll down for ragister. You will show ragister button, Click on it
IRCTC next gen
IRCTC next gen
  • A form page will open after clicking on Ragister. In which we have to fill the entire detail.
IRCTC next generation login
IRCTC next generation login

Username : Here put your username

Password : Put your favorite password here. That you can remember But the password should be 8 digits. And it is necessary to have capital, small alphabet and numbers in it.

Confirm password: Here, the same password is to be entered which you entered in the password box.

Security question: After that, select a security question. And fill its answer in the answer box next to it. Friends, you can select any question in the security question.

Language : Select here your language

Personal detail: Put your first, middle and last name here

Gender: If you are male, click on male. If you are a woman, select female.

Occupation: Fill your occupation here. Like I am a student. Then student will select

Country : Here you have to select your country

Email: Here enter your email id.

Mobile number: Fill your active mobile number here

Nationaly: Here select your nationalty. If your belong from india then click on india

Residential address: Here you have to fill your full address. Such as flat number, street, pincode etc

An option has been given below. In which it is written that copy resideny address to office. Here your home address and office address is different. Then click on no. And fill the address of your office address. If the address of office and home is same then click on yes.

Click on the get inform option throw sms or call given below. So that you can stay uodate from irctc next gen.

A captcha is given below it with a picture. Fill it.

  • Step by step fill all the details.
  • After that fill the option given below termes and condition.
  • Now click on ragister.

As soon as you click on ragister then popup window will open. Click ok on confimartion popup window.

Ragister has been successful, this page will open. And there will be link in green color of click here, click on it. Just now your ragister is very easy, now you can login.

irctc login
irctc login

How to login IRCTC next generagion

Now click on the menu button to login to irctc next generation. And click on login. Now here, you entered the username and password while ragister. Fill it. And verifie capatcha.

Now click on login. Now you will open the page to verifie your mobile number and email id.

Here you have to verifie both. To get verifie click on get otp. Now you will have a throw of otp meesege. Fill it. For email verifie, otp will come on email. Fill it too.

By doing this verifie, you can take advantage of irctc next generation facilities.

irctc login
irctc login

What’s new in IRCTC next gen.

RCTC Next gen. is a newly updated website for IRCTC website. Users can easily make online ticket booking on this website.

Along with the option to fill captcha for security, it is also important that no robotic process can be done.

Friends, irctc next generation is the new update of irctc. Whose login process we have to go through this content.

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