IRCTC login next Generation And other Infomation of IRCTC

IRCTC login Next Generation Info

IRCTC login next generation
IRCTC login next generation

Hey, guys, you want to log in IRCTC next-generation log in then u come in the very best website. Today we talk to about IRCTC next-generation log in system

First of all, we know what is IRCTC? In India, more and more travel is done through train

It is very necessary to have a railway ticket to travel throw the railways but to take the railway ticket, it has to stand in the long line.

In such a way it is difficult to travel. And the passenger gets upset. Keeping all this in mind, the government has started online service called IRCTC.

Through the IRCTC website, you can easily make the online ticket. We have to do some process by making an online ticket.

But now IRCTC’s website has been updated. Now he is known as IRCTC next generation.

To withdraw tickets from IRCTC next generation, we have to log in to IRCTC’s next generation website.

How to login in IRCTC next generation

  • Visit IRCTC’s website to login to IRCTC’s next generation website. Click on the link below for the IRCTC website

Log In Now 

  • Click on the right-hand menu button to log in to the website. Which is represented by three lines
  • If you are a new visitor then first sign up. After that, you can easily log in.
  • Put username, Email id and mobile number.
  • Fill all information correct
  • After filling information verification mobile number and Email id via OTP

Now you can Log In

IRCTC login next generation full form

With the login process, I also tell you the full form of IRCTC which is very important to know for competitive exam preparation 

Indian Railway catering and tourism corporation

IRCTC full form

What’s new in IRCTC next generation

RCTC Next generation is a newly updated website for IRCTC website. Users can easily make online ticket booking on this website.

Along with the option to fill captcha for security, it is also important that no robotic process can be done.

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