How to login Jio and Reacharge

Hello friends how are you? Today I am going to give you information about Jio login. If you are also a jio user, then this post will be very helpful to you.

Jio login
Jio login

Jio has brought revolution in India. Jio’s data plan is very stable. And are available with 4g technology. Jio’s device is also very cheap. That’s why everyone is a user of jio. So today we are going to talk about how we can sigh in to jio account. And what are the advantages of login jio?

How to jio login

Friends, you can login to jio only when you are a jio user. To be a jio user, you must have a sim card of jio. You cannot login to jio without a jio sim card.

JIO login in browser

Friends, by logging in to Jio’s account, we can easily get the information and plans of Jio. So to sigh in with jio browser, first open the browser in your mobile. And open the official website of jio given below in your browser.

Jio official website

  • To login in Jio’s offical website, enter your Jio number.
  • To verifie the jio number, click on the below button get OTP.
  • Now a meessege will appear on your jio number. In which OTP will come in digits.
  • Put otp on the blank space below and click on sigh in.
Jio login
  • Just by this process, you will be able to enter your Jio account.
  • Now you can get information about plans and other features very easily by going to the menu of your jio account.

Login JIO by jio app

From the Jio app, we can login with easly. To login with the jio app, first download the Jio app in your smart phone. You can download this app very easily from the link given below.

JIO app download

  • Open the jio app after downloading it
  • Now input your jio mobile number.
Jio login
  • Enter the OTP number that has come.
  • Now click on submit. With this process, you can login with jio app very easily.

After logging in Jio, we can use Jio’s features very easily. Apart from this, jio sim cards can also be ordered from jio app. Best plans of jio deta can also be known very easily after login in Jio.

How to reacharge JiO number

After login Jio account, you can easily reacharge on jio number.

First of all you go to the menu option of your Jio account. Which you can enter the menu with the 3 line button.

There will be an option to reacharge, click on it. You can reacharge your own jio number from there. If you want to reacharge on your friend or any other jio number, you can do it too.

You will have to like the offerce to recharge. You can reacharge on any of those offerce lists

You can also recharge with debit card, credit card or any other payment options.

Friends, how to sigh in jio and how to reacharge on jio number, it is explain step by step. If you liked this post, then do share with friends.

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