How to LogIn MI Account, Reset, and delete

What is MI account

Mi account login
Mi account login

MI company’s mobile we all know about Which is the manufacturer of a device like a smartphone. MI company has given the system to create an account in the mobile. Through which we can use MI’s system, we can use apps of MI. Mi account login

For example, installing an app from the play store requires a google account, can not access the play store without a google account, like this, we can not use the MI system or its apps without an MI account. It is, therefore, necessary to create an MI account.

MI account login (sigh in) by MI Store

To create an MI account follow the steps given below. With these steps, you can create an account in Redmi mobiles

To use an MI account or create an account there is a Redmi device

  • Open MI store to create MI account
  • In the MI store, the lowest account option is displayed
  • Click on account
  • After clicking on the account, the option of signup and login appears at the top. Click on it
  • Now you will see that create for MI for free click on it
  • Now, to form an account, the form of inserting some details comes in front of us.
  • It has to enter the country, country code, mobile number.
  • After that, the captcha has to be verified.
  • Then click on create MI account
  • You will now have mobile verified to open the task.
  • The mobile number you enter will now come with a verification code. Simply put that code
  • Now you have to set your password. After setting the password, click on create an account

In this way, MI account will be ready

MI account login by using the browser

How To Build an MI Account By Using Browser

First, let me tell you how to make an account from the MI store. But you can also create an MI account by browsing.

Follow the steps given below to create an account from the browser.

  • Open the browser on your smartphone or laptop
  • Open the MI account registration page in the browser. Whose link I am joining
  • You must enter email id or phone number to create MI account.
Mi account login
  • After that, apply the same process and fill the form.
  • Now verify mobile number or email id with a verification code.
  • Just like this, you can also create an MI account in the browser

How to reset MI account?

It is very easy to reset the Mi Account if you want to reset or change the details of your details such as Name, Mobile Number, Recovery Mail, Security Question and Mi Account Password etc., visit the Mi Account for it and according to your need. You can change your details from

Click For Reset MI Account

You can get a verification message to change your details without changing the details of Phone Verification, even if you have Password, so be sure to set your Recovery Phone Number to your MI Account.

How to delete MI account?

If you want to delete the MI account, you can delete it easily.

Follow the steps given below to delete the MI account.

  • I provide a link to delete an account in which you will be able to easily delete an account.
  • Click Delete Mi Account
  • After clicking on the link, you will see a sign in option.
How to delete mi account
How to delet mi account
  • Enter your password and username and sign in
  • Now you will see a popup window. 
  • Click on the CheckBox of  Yes I want to permanently delete my MI account
How to delet mi account
How to delet mi account
  • After that click on send button for verification
  • Now enter the given variation and click on submit button
  • click the delete button and delete the MI account.

Benefits of MI accounts

  • We can access all MI software from the same MI account
  • It is very easy to sync the data of another device with the same OS.
  • In this, you get many services like – Phone Lost Device Finder Service,  Fone lock, clouds etc

How to (sigh in) login mi account? I have tried to give complete information about how to delete and reset. If you are also a mi user then this post will helpful for you.

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