How to Outlook web app login step by step guide

Hello friends, if you do not have an email account, you can easily create an email account through owa. If you do not know what OWA is and how to login owa, then read this post.

OWA login

What is OWA

The full form of Owa is outlook web access or outlook web app. Which is a tool of Microsoft itself. Just as we can create a Gmail account through google, we can create an outlook account through microsoft.

Outlook web mail’s look is very cool. It is very fun to use it. We can run it smoothly. So friends, know how to outlook web app login

Login OWA (Outlook web app login)

Friends owa login is very easy. I explain how to login OWA step by step.

To visit Owa, first visit microsoft outlook official. Which can open the official website from the link given below. I will explain from my mobiles browser, you can do the same way from laptop also.

Outlook official website

  • As soon as you open this link, outlook website will open in very cool look.
Outlook web app
Outlook web app
  • If you already have an outlook account, you can sigh in with outlook email id. But if you want to create a new account, then click on create account.
  • After clicking Create account, the new page will open. In which a new email id will have to be created. You can create an email id that you can remember. But many times our liking id is not found. So we have to try another name. Or put some number back and forth.
  • Then click on next.
  • Now the page to set password will be open. Set a password that you can remember there.
  • After setting the password, click on Next.
  • Now you will have to fill your name. Fill the name and click on Next.
Outlook web access login
Outlook web access login
  • Then set the country and date of birth. Now click on next
  • Now you have to feel capatcha. In an emage, some alphabet is written which is to be written on the blank space given below. That is to write correct. Then click on next
  • Now you have to select your country and time. Then click save
Outlook web app login
Outlook web app login

Just by this process your outlook account will be ready. Now you can login owa (outlook web app) easily with outlook email and password.

Benefits of outlook webmail

Outlook mail is very important for our digital life. Through outlook, we can send and receive email just like gmail.

Along with Outlook web, there is also app available which we can download from playstore. And you can easily sigh in outlook in the app.

Outlook is available in a very cool look. That is why it is a pleasure to use outlook.

Friends, what is owa? And you must have liked the complete information how to login owa. Friends, in addition to this we have very useful contents which you can read.

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