What is social media And why useful for us

Hello friends, Today I talking about Social media in this post, what is social media? And why social media is so useful. Many times we hear about social media on news channels. We use social media, but we do not know abot social media.

What is social media

What is social media
What is social media

Defination: Social media is an online community in which anyone can login and share their moment of life, by picture, by text or by video. This is social media.

Social media is used through the internet. These are available through a website or smart phone apps. Such as facebook, twitter, linkdn, pinterest, reddit, tiktok etc. Such apps are included in social media. But social media is also divided into different departments. These social media are useful in different-different fields.

Types of social media

Social sharing social media: Scoial sharing media network includes sites like facebook, twitter, linkdln.

Media sharing social networks: On these social networks you can only share media like photos, videos. Like tiktok, helo, youtube, instagram, like, pinterest

Link sharing social platforms: This social media is very useful for bloggers and youtubers. Here they can easily share their contents links. scoop.it, tumblr, digg

Discuss and form social sites: If you want to know something or want to discus, these forum websites are very useful. Like reddit, quora

Social sharing social media


Who doesn’t know about Facebook? Nowadays everyone has facebook id. And the most popular is a social media platform, that is facebook, so now facebook has launched a lot of its features, due to which facebook has become very useful. Now people also market their business through Facebook. Called facebook marketing.

Facebook is available through the app and website. We can also do text messeges with your friends using Facebook messenger.

Uses of facebook

Most people use Facebook for their entertainment. They share their important moments with their friends and relatives through facebook. Share your important moments by sharing a photo, sharing a video, or via text.

Businessmen use facebook for marketing their business or small shop. because facebook has millions of users. That is why with a large social network like facebook, they can do more and more marketing of their business. They make attractive advertisements and share them on facebook. In this way, their products are selling more and more.

People can talk online through Facebook Messenger. They can share information with each other by sending text messages. They can also send emojis. You can also see online offline status.


Like Facebook, twitter is also a very large social network. On this social network, the most active celebraty. He continued to provide information to his followers. The big company shares with the people through its update twitter. With the help of which his followers were able to know.

Twitter is available through website and app. Here, you can share text, photos just like facebook.

Uses of twitter

On Twitter, big celebraty and leaders keep their followers updated. More and more serious information is found on twitter. People can stay updated with each other using twitter meesenger.

More of news websites share the news to twitter by sharing the link on twitter.


Like Facebook and twitter, linkedln is also a very useful social network. But not everyone uses this social media. You too will be unaware of this. Because linkedln useless people do not use. Most of the people using this social media are very big job posts. Like Facebook, people do not use it for entertainment.

We get very useful information on linkdln. linkedln is mostly used for job posting. And freshers find the job on linkedln.

Linkedln is available from the app and website. In which you can login and use it very easily.

Uses of linkldn

This social media is used for more job posting and job finding. Owners of companies and CEO job posting at linkldn. If you also need a job, you can apply by searching on linkldn.

Media sharing social netwoks


Tiktok is a video content and creator mobile app. That is why it has made a place in the heart of people very quickly. And in a very short time tiktok has become a famous social network. People use tiktok more and more for their entertainment. We can share by creating a video on tiktok.

Tiktok is available through the app. Which we can download from playstore. You Can make videos by tiktok and sharing videos on tiktok. By increasing followers, You can become tiktok star.

Uses of tiktok

Tiktok is known for video creater. You can easily create a video on Tiktok. You can put good filters and songs in the video. tiktok leaves no shortage in entertainment.


Instagram is also a media sharing social network. On which people share videos and photos. Like Facebook and twitter, Instagram is also a very popular social network. People share their best moments on Instagram through selfie.

Instagram is available for both the app and the website. Which you can access and run with great ease.

Uses of insta

Using Instagram, people share their best moments through photos or videoes. And they entertain. Some people create pages on Instagram. After increasing more followers, they also earn by showing advertisements.


Youtube is a very popular video content network. With which everyone is known. All types of videos are available on youtube. Which are uploaded via video contenter. Such as cooking related, animals related, marketing, business educational, motivational videos

We also get important information through YouTube. Youtube news channels are also updated with good news. t.v shows can also be viewed very easily through youtube. Youtube can be helpful if you have to improve a skill.

Uses of youtube

Youtube is mostly used for watching good entertaining videos. People watch the best skill improve videos with this. In this way youtube is a very helpful social network.

We can also earn a lot by becoming a video contenter on YouTube. If you have a good skill, you can share it on youtube. Through YouTube, people improve their study with educational videos. Coocking videoes are very helpful in cook. You can improve the your gym skills by watching gym related videos on youtube.


If you want aswesome photos, you can find them on pinterest. Because pinterst shares more and more photos. Here you cannot share text but can share photos.

Uses of pinterest

Pintersst’s users keep sharing very good pictures. Most of the photos are shared through websites link. That is why good informations are also available along with awesome photos.

Link sharing social media

By the way, You can also share the link on social media like Facebook, linkdn, twitter. But only links are shared on platforms like tumblr, digg, scoop.it. These platforms are mostly used by bloggers and youtubers.


If you are working in the blogging field or want to share the link of your YouTube video and blog website’s, then this tumblr can be very helpful to you. Apart from this, you can share the link of information of any other website.


Here you will find blog links with very good information. Like most popular category education, technology etc. Here you can share your youtube video and blog website link very easily. You can create your account by visiting scoop.it’s website.

Forum social networks


Quora is a social network known for question answers. People here ask their questions, and quora users answer those questions. quora is a very famous social network. If you want to know something, then you can put questions on quora. Or if you have an answer to someone’s question, then you can also answer it.

Quora is available through both the website and the app. Everyone is crazy about quora for better information on Quora.

Uses of quora

Along with the questions and answers, quora has a partner program feature. People connect this quora partber program for make money. This partner program is offered to the best quora users. Those who have the skill to share very good knowledge.

Bloggers and youtubers get traffic by sharing link on quora answers.


By the way, reddit is like a social network facebook. Here you can also share photo, video, link or answer questions. But reddit is more used in contries like us and canada while in India it is very less popular network. reddit is a social network made up of very different subreddits

If we want to share something, then according to the category of our content, we have to share in subreddit.


So friends, you must have understood what is scoial media and its usefulness. Do share this post with your friends too.

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